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​Let our fantastic Easton, PA dental staff help you feel confident about your smile again with professional teeth whitening!

Nearly 60% of patients are unhappy with the color of their teeth. Don’t become a statistic! Let us help turn that frown upside down with our in-office teeth whitening. We gaurantee dramatic results for the biggest, brightest, and whitest smile around! At Amara Dental Easton, PA, we can help brighten your teeth up by three to eight shades in just an hour. Our dental staff uses the most powerful and protective whitening solutions available, much better for your teeth and gums than over-the counter products and whitening strips (which may cause sensitivity or irritaion to your teeth and gums). Professional solutions are usually stronger than any over-the-counter strip, creating bigger, better, and more noticeable results.

At your in-office teeth whitening appointment, your Amara of Easton, PA dentist take extra special care of you and your mouth. He or she will cover your gums and tooth-root surfaces with a protective barrier. A thin, plastic device known as a retractor will hold your lip and cheecks away from your teeth while a professional-strength bleaching gel (high concentration hydrogen peroxide not available over the counter) is applied and left on for about an hour. As soon as the gel is removed, you will be amazed by the results.​

The most wonderful part about in-office whitening is that you get to relax while we do the work for you! The days of choosing an over-the-counter product and slaving over your teeth every day are long gone. Relax at our Easont, PA dental office and let us take care of you! After your procedure we will send you home  with a take-home kit to help maintain and extend your results. Treat yourself and enjoy the benefits of a vibrant smile while spending less time whitening your teeth!

Making Families Smile!

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