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Wisdom teeth removal may be necessary if you need to correct a developing problem or to prevent future problems.

Your wisdom teeth, otherwise known as the third set of molars, usually come in around ages 17-25, and quite often aren't pleasantly welcomed. For this reason, the removal of one or more wisdom teeth is a relatively common procedure - performed on close 5 million patients every year!

After you've been examined at our Easton, PA dental office, you may be told that you need one more more wisdom teeth extracted. The decision will be made only after complete diagnostic tests (such as x-rays or a CT scan). Some reasons your dentist may recommend removal:

  • Your jaw may be too small to accommodate all your teeth, leading to excessive crowding and potentially harming adjacent bone or teeth
  • Your wisdom teeth may be coming in at a crooked orientation, which can cause bite problems and damage teeth or structures in the jaw
  • If your wisdom tooth does not fully emerge from the gums, it can increase risk of infection
  • A cyst may develop around the unerupted wisdom tooth, which can cause infection and injury to the adjacent bone or nerve tissue

Performed as an in-office procedure, a dentist or an oral surgeon will perform your tooth extraction conveniently at an Amara Dental office in Easton, PA. It's common practice to complete this treatment using only a local anesthetic, however, a general anesthetic (sedation) may be administered if multiple teeth are being extracted concurrently.

​After the anesthesia is administered, your tooth or teeth will be gently removed. Upon completion, the site may be sutured (stiched) to aid in and to stimulate healing. After the full procedure has been completed, you will be advised to rest for a short time before going home. Generally lasting a few days, recovery is crucial, and will require rest and relaxation as well as taking of any pain medication as prescribed. These important steps will encourage and expedite your healing. 

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